2020 Spring Prep

We are slowly getting ready for spring! The weather is a little challenging right now, but we’ve had some nice weather to get things ready to go to the fields!

AgroLiquid Fertilizer Delivery
Getting ready to haul soybeans!
Delivering Maizex Seed Corn
Maizex Seed Corn

Glad to get things happening again in 2020!

Jeff D.

Spring field prep

So we tile drained a wet farm last fall, and had to moldboard plow it to level the tile runs… much to our distaste!!!

This spring we did several passes, including a rented land leveler…

Planting into well worked soil…

Emerging nice…


Well, a year ago right now we were in Florida! We flew to Orlando and, largely because I have a lifetime travel membership with Renaissance|Your Lifestyle Passport, we rented a townhouse in Davenport for a week.

This travel membership gives its members the privilege of getting good deals on resorts around the world for up to 90% off Expedia and Travelocity.

Davenport-Orlando Florida

We had a fabulous time, Epcot Center, Kennedy Space Center, Myakka State Park, seeing alligators, etc!

Epcot Center
Kennedy Space Center
Kennedy Space Center
Myakka Park

The place we stayed at was $398 for the week, for 8 people. The regular price for this was around $1000, so we got it for 60% off retail price.

This happens regularly within the travel membership. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to travel more!

Jeff D

Inside a silo

In case you ever wanted to look inside a grain silo but either never had the chance to climb to the top and look in,  or wouldn’t do it if you were paid, here’s what it looks like!

Just remember to never go in while unloading! Safety first!

That blue line through the middle is 1 of 3 temp cables…we can monitor the grain temperature to ensure that it is staying in good condition.

Don’t enter a grain silo without proper safety gear and training, and never while unloading!



Just came home from #SWAC17, always enjoy meeting friends, and taking in the huge amount of information! 


Corn growing information with Ken Ferrie

Always lots to take home from this day at Ridgetown! 


Merry Christmas!

Today I finished my favorite task of the year – delivering gift baskets to all our local elevator and farm customers! So in 2 days I traveled almost 500 kms. and delivered close to 60 Maple Syrup gift boxes!

It’s a wonderful thing to walk up to someone’s door, and give them something! Many of them say something like “You didn’t have to do that!” I love to reply, “No, I’m not doing it because I have to, I’m doing it because I want too!”

Love makes all the difference!

The Gift of Giving happened 2000 years ago, and we now can keep passing it on! Pointing to the Great Giver!

Giving to others,


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