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The simple website is a place where I can lay out the different concepts that are part of my life.

I have never been a big fan of working for someone else, and have instead looked for ways to be in business for myself, somewhat like an individual contractor of my skills and capabilities. In this way, I can be free from the constraints of being tied into someone else business.

I prefer to be in control of my own earning potential. I prefer to be actively building my own small business, and have ownership in what I do.

Because of that mentality, I choose to own this website, and use it as a simple way to share to others some of the things that I see as being valuable.

I believe that every hard working man and woman should have the opportunity to build for themselves financial stability and freedom. In doing this, there also should be limited risk. In today’s world, that combination can be hard to find, especially in the traditional business world.

In the world of online marketing, using the power of networks, this is possible.

So up on the top of this page you’ll see several different pages. Those tabs each cover a different tool that I use in my everyday life to bring value to others, and to contribute to society.

It is my privilege and honor to serve my community in this way.

Thank you for coming to visit my website. All the best in your life’s endeavors!

Jeff Drudge

It's me!
It’s me!

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