Catalogue Sales

Cindy and I operate a small, but successful catalogue sales business out of our home. We have built a group of customer who have been regular buyers from this company since they started with us.

The company that we collect customers for has a 96% reorder rate, meaning that almost everyone who becomes a customer will order again next month. What this means is that when we go to the effort of getting a new customer, there’s a very good chance that they will buy again next month.

We collect a small commission from each sale, so there is an incentive for us to collect customers. There is also an incentive for us to help our customers get their own customers.

We have customers that started purchasing from our business in early 2008, and they purchase every month like clockwork!

We love to buy these products, and hundreds of thousands of other people worldwide do as well! You really should check it out!

Click on this link, then select “Open your shopping account today” and it will give you a place to fill out a form so we can contact you.


Jeff Drudge

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