Many years ago I bought an account with Send Out Cards, the world’s only online greeting cards and gifts company. With Send Out Cards, I can store names and addresses of my friends and business associates and use the card system to send greeting cards and gifts.

There is now an app for your phone to do it all from your mobile device. Recently, while at a high level business meeting, I was able to be involved in a deep conversation with the feature speaker, and he invited several of us to eat lunch with him after the morning session. When the meeting was over, I got my picture taken with him, then on the way home from the meeting, I sent him a thank you card and small gift from my smartphone. He sent me a very heart-felt Thank you a week later when he got the card and gift in the mail. Needless to say, he was completely surprised and amazed! I now have made a very powerful connection to him, and could quite likely reach out to him in the future with a personal question because I have built rapport with him.

Send Out Cards is a business built on giving to give, not giving to get.

Big difference.


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