Why should everyone have your own website?

Well, in my opinion, having your own website is like having your own personal billboard on a busy highway in the city, without the high cost of rental.

Today’s world includes (almost) everyone posting their latest whimsical ideas on some sort of social media outlet. There’s likely not much that you and I can do to change that trend.

But beyond that, people still like to learn more about others, get to know them, and find out what makes them tick. Or talk.

So having a low cost website is a way to do that, plus a number of other things.

On your website, you can build lots of layers of information about a variety of subjects. People love to know what motivates you. People love to see the passion in others.

People love to get to know other people. Having your own personal website is a way to discreetly share parts of your life with other people if you choose.

I see having your own personal website as a way to build some rapport with those whom you get to know on a casual level.

Meeting people at a business event, or trade show, is kind of like standing on the street corner and saying hi to people as they walk by. But you don’t really get to know them unless you invite them in, and you are in the back yard around the BBQ having lunch together. That’s when you start to get to know people.

Having your own website is like taking a relationship from 140 characters on the street corner, and taking them into your back yard, and sitting down and getting to know each other.

With your website, or in this case, blog, you have the ability to choose what it is that you want other people to know about you.

This gives you the ability to purposely post things that are of value to you, and things that you want other people to know about your life.

So in my opinion, everyone in Ag should have a website.


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